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The Company

ShowHeroes provides publishers with a one-stop-solution to Mobile First Video Strategies, ranging from video content production to player technology and distribution.

While this helps fighting dwindling ad revenues, it creates new premium video inventory for brands and advertisers, effectively increasing their reach across premium publishers’ native video inventory for marketing communications. ShowHeroes’ Matched Content Targeting enables marketeers to put their messages within highly relevant, premium video content, yielding higher view through rates and overall performance.

ShowHeroes was founded by Ilhan Zengin, Mario Tiedemann and Dennis Kirschner in 2016 and operates across office locations in Berlin, Riga, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Hildesheim. The company employs around 50 team members.

The Team

Mario Tiedemann
Dennis Kirschner
Ilhan Zengin
Christian Grospitz
Head of Sales Content & Library
Bastian Döring
Director Sales
André Lange
Director Products
Olaf Brandt
Senior Publisher & Partnerships Manager EMEA


07. August 2018Kontakter

In-Stream und die Alternativen - Werbeunterbrechungen können nerven. Vor allem, wenn das Thema des Spots nicht interessiert. Doch es geht auch anders

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09. July 2018Starup Valley

Jedes gute Unternehmen war schon mindestens einmal kurz vor der Insolvenz

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05. July 2018Adzine

Mobile-Video-Plattform ShowHeroes kooperiert mit Rubicon Project

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30. October 2017W&V

Massenproduktion aus Riga: Wie die Showheroes den Videomarkt aufrollen

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08. November 2016Mittelstand Nachrichten

Christian Grospitz ist neuer Editor in Chief bei ShowHeroes

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07. November 2016Internet World

Showheroes setzen auf Videos und Vermarktung

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01. November 2016Mittelstand Nachrichten

ShowHeroes gewinnt Bastian Döring als neuen Director Sales

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27. Oktober 2016Deutsche Startups

Ex-plista-Manager setzen auf Videodienst ShowHeroes

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27. September 2016Business Echo

ShowHeroes startet neues Mobile Video-Format mit Mediacom und der Deutschen Telekom

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12. Septembris 2018Dienas Bizness

Startup aktivitāte – ekonomikas vitalitātes indikators

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7. Maijs 2018Dienas Bizness

Latvijā filmēto skatās visā pasaulē

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11. Decembris 2018Dienas Bizness

Vācijas jaunuzņēmums ShowHeroes izvēlas Rīgu

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ShowHeroes Headquarter


Berlin, Germany

ShowHeroes GmbH
WeWork Sony Center
Kemperplatz 1
10785 Berlin Germany

Other Offices in


Riga, Latvia


Moscow, Russia


St.Petersburg, Russia


Frankfurt, Germany


Düsseldorf, Germany


Hildesheim, Germany

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