Attention in the digital age

The art of capturing attention with advertising.

By Raquel Baranda, Regional Director for Hispanic Latam, ShowHeroes Group


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In a constantly evolving digital advertising landscape, capturing viewer attention increasingly becomes a challenge. As digital advertising continues its rise in the industry, we have seen the paradox of increased viewability with waning genuine attention. It’s no secret that people see thousands of advertising messages every day, so it’s crucial that advertisers strive not only to be seen but meaningfully noticed.


The formula for effectively capturing attention is intricate and multifaceted, with effective creativity and content intertwining with a myriad of variables ranging from ad placement to duration to the device used. Fortunately, innovative solutions are emerging for attention measurement, which present themselves as beacons amidst the advertising fog.


Not only do attention metrics offer a more complete picture of a campaign’s effectiveness, but they also give us the chance to be responsible stewards of the environment. In a surprising twist, measuring attention not only boosts advertising performance but also contributes to a reduced carbon footprint – a powerful reminder that every click counts beyond the screen.


Ultimately, attention metrics do not compete with performance KPIs, but enrich and validate them. By utilizing attention metrics, we arm ourselves with powerful tools to robustly and accurately assess the success of our campaigns in this increasingly digital and ad-crowded world. As we continue to navigate this changing advertising landscape, attention emerges as the most precious treasure at the heart of modern advertising strategy, a treasure that not only promises commercial rewards but also a more meaningful connection to our environment and audience.