How Advertisers and Publishers Can Score With the UEFA Championship

Advertising is all about getting eyes on your brand, and few events have more focused eyes (in number and intensity!) than the annual EUFA European Championship.


The Euro 2024 is fast approaching and if this year’s numbers are anything like the last, it’s set to engage a truly massive audience.


Advertisers and publishers have open goals to score without the need for expensive prime-time slots. Here’s how to hit the back of the net before, during, and beyond the event! ⚽

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash


The UEFA is perfect for advertisers

The UEFA Euro is a phenomenon that captivates millions across the globe. According to a Sky Sports survey, football increases an audience’s emotional engagement by 33%.


It also provides a unique opportunity to engage with international audiences. While being a hyper-regional sport, football is a universal language that transcends borders and languages.


Capitalizing on that doesn’t necessarily mean securing expensive prime-time TV slots months in advance. By leveraging semantically targeted ads, advertisers can reach audiences based on their interests and viewing habits – meaning the continent’s millions of football fans can be targeted across their screens, including CTV, by their passion for football.


It matters for brands that aren’t directly related to sports as well. They can find creative ways to tie products or services to the excitement of the tournament. This could include themed promotions, limited-time offers, or content that resonates with the spirit of the event. The key is being innovative and finding a natural connection to the tournament.


ShowHeroes Studios has thousands of football-related clips and works directly with brands to create clever, engaging ads for the before, during, and after of the tournament – capturing the anticipation, excitement, celebration, and, even spinning losses into positive brand messages!

How can publishers capitalize?

For publishers, having UEFA-related content on-site is crucial for engagement. With an international event of this magnitude, there’s a high demand for related news, insights, and analyses. By creating and curating high-quality content around the tournament, publishers can attract a significant amount of traffic to their sites.


This not only boosts page views but also increases the potential for ad revenue, as advertisers are keen to place their ads on pages with high traffic and engagement.

Join the winning team! ⚽

Whoever you’re rooting for, the real winning team is made up of advertisers and publishers capitalizing on the excitement.


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