Introducing: Custom Animations for CTV

Making digital advertising’s most engaging screens even better

Last year, we conducted a scientific study that found CTV screens capture and hold user attention more than linear TV and social video.


But why stop there?


Our CTV Innovation Team knows that CTV screens have even more potential for user engagement, and with Custom Animations for CTV, we’re proud to show how we’re tapping into it.

While CTV has very high attention rates, engagement can be difficult in the absence of the clickable or tap-able buttons found on computer and mobile screens.


That’s where QR codes come in.

Our CTV innovation Team is making advertising’s most attention-grabbing format more engaging by incorporating QR codes with Custom QR Codes and Full Custom Animation – check the two products out! 👇



A seamlessly integrated QR code crafted from distinct brand elements.


Far from generic, these codes are animated, seamlessly fit with the surrounding ad, and are made with your brand identity mind.



Full Custom Animation takes up 30% of the screen, with captivating animated elements that make the QR code even more tantalizing.

At ShowHeroes, we continuously strive to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape, and the launch of Custom Animations for CTV is a testament to that commitment. It’s the next milestone of the newly formed CTV Innovation Team and extends our creative offerings for the CTV screen,” says Sarah Lewis, Global Director CTV.


“The unlimited potential for brand interaction lies in the ability of QR codes on CTV to generate immediate engagement on second screens.” mentioned Sabela Ruiz, Global Senior Commercial Product. “Being able to measure the user’s interaction with the brand leads to greater ad engagement, brand recall and ultimately sales.”

If you’d like to learn more about how our Custom Animations for CTV can elevate your advertising, contact us!

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