Introducing: Engaging Ad Formats

Effective ad formats for Nordic and EU advertisers

It’s the age of (limited) attention: people are exposed to between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every day. That’s a lot of largely-ignored noise for the average person.


Effective ads cut through that noise to deliver truly engaging and memorable messages – with that in mind, enter ShowHeroes Engaging Ad Formats, available for our Nordic and EU clients!


Our Widescreen and Expander ad formats focus on engagement, giving users the autonomy to decide whether or not they’d like to experience the ad in its full glory.


That prevents the large ads from being intrusive and ensures full user attention due to engagement.


Check out what makes these special ad formats so attention-grabbing 👇



Starting out with a teaser loop, users can engage with the ad to expand it into its widescreen form.


The fully expanded video can be anywhere from 10 to 45 seconds long, allowing for plenty of time and space for full customization to suit your brand.


Check out the full information here! 👇



When clicked, the Expander ad format unveils a fully customizable microsite for an immersive ad experience.


With multiple click-out options, users don’t feel overwhelmed by not knowing how to close the ad – but with internal studies showing an 18-second dwell time, it’s not likely they’ll want to with any haste.


Expander ads are created ad-hoc with a diversity of options for text, images, and video.


Read more about Expander ads here! 👇

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