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Decarbonize digital advertising

The internet has a far larger carbon footprint than you might realize – it’s larger than the airline industry. Why is it, then, that there are plenty of calls for people to mind their airline usage, but nothing of the sort when it comes to internet usage?


That’s largely because there’s a lack of opportunities to meaningfully cut down on internet-related carbon emissions, but that’s changing for the entire digital advertising industry.


ShowHeroes Green Media partners with Scope3 to take a two-step approach to securing carbon-neutral digital advertising. Green Media campaigns have their emissions accurately  measured based on big data modeling, and that carbon is then offset with a range of carbon removal projects.


Scope3 partners with Carbon Direct for carbon removal projects that put the science first, avoiding flashy practices that only look good on paper – otherwise known as greenwashing. They use reforestation, direct air capture, biochar, and carbon soil storage to get carbon emissions out of the atmosphere.


Environmental concerns are increasingly affecting customer spending habits – as concern for the environment increases, consumers are far more likely to spend their money knowing they won’t be contributing negatively.


Carbon neutrality is something to be proud of. By launching our own Green Media campaigns, ShowHeroes has additional means with which to give clients and publishers the opportunity to decarbonize and offset their campaigns – the first steps to taking the climate crisis seriously.


Sustainability in digital advertising is a pressing topic as all players in the ecosystem are applying  new solutions to cut down on emissions. It all starts with awareness and then measurement. At ShowHeroes, we always look forward to discussing new approaches and best practice with our partners and clients.


That’s why ShowHeroes Country Manager Austria, Switzerland, Roland Divos, recently sat down with Martin Distl, Managing Director for [m]STUDIO Austria, for an inspiring interview about their approach to sustainable advertising – check it out, and scroll further for the same interview in German!

Check out the interview, also available in German!