ShowHeroes New Engaging Ad Formats Maximize User Attention

Create outstanding and compelling ad experiences with Expander and Widescreen

At ShowHeroes, we’re all about expanding the boundaries of video in order to help publishers and advertisers reach their customers. Over the years we’ve done that by offering a powerful, one-stop-shop monetization platform with omnichannel video player, a library of over 150,000 premium video clips in +20 languages and customized video experiences on every screen. Also, throw in our recent groundbreaking behavioral study on CTV.


Today, we’re proudly taking another major step that will delight advertisers, publishers, and users alike.


ShowHeroes’ new interactive video ad formats are non-intrusive ads that require active engagement from the viewer to be fully revealed. They begin with a 5-10 second loop that attracts the users’ attention, piques interest, and then unfolds the full advertisement when clicked.


Having the viewer in control creates relevance. Requiring the user to engage with the content makes the video that much more impactful. Quite important considering the average user attention span has decreased 33% – reaching 8 seconds. The use of interactive ad creatives is the key to success.


Interactive ads are 32% more memorable that traditional video and boast a 11% higher conversion rate opposed to Google and YouTube ads.



The Widescreen ad format is a full-attention video ad with optional elements added as overlays. Users only see the ad if they choose to, resulting in high brand recognition and positive user experience.


The Expander ad format unfolds as a full-feature microsite when clicked. They can come complete with multiple click-outs, text sections, visuals, and videos. It generates more brand interaction and even higher dwell time, with our internal studies showing an average interaction time of 18 seconds.



In a time of economic downturn the instinctual response is to cut ad budgets. However, brands that invest cleverly and effectively will see the most benefit in the long run. The key to attracting new customers and securing meaningful relationships is creating compelling creative that drives engagement.

Bastian Döring, Global Director Sales at ShowHeroes, explains the effectiveness of our new ad formats. “The secret sauce to our new engaging ad formats is the conceptual work we offer. Combining the entertaining factor of video with the interactive spectrum of digital in a very creative way unleashes the full potential to stand out as a brand.”


Outdoor footwear brand Merrell was an early adopter of ShowHeroes’ new video formats. Adam Svensson, Marketing Manager Nordics at Merrell, had this to say:

”The Expander is a great media format to first get consumer attention and then seamlessly transfer the consumer from an initial ad to a microsite where we really can express our brand in a creative and effective way. The format is really easy to customize and has many possibilities. The process from start to end with ShowHeroes has been flawless.”

Widescreen and Expanded were originally developed in the Nordics and, following impressive results for ShowHeroes’ clients, are now being rolled out across all European markets.

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