Showheroes Publisher Success Story: Achieving True Incremental Video With Netpoint Media

Netpoint Media has been a dear partner to ShowHeroes from the very beginning. Their long-term collaboration is an excellent example of how our publishers can significantly increase their yield by establishing a relationship built on trust and extending the integration with ShowHeroes Monetize step by step.




Netpoint Media migrated to our custom-built platform ShowHeroes Monetize at the end of 2021. The revenue-driving tool enables publishing houses to create highly engaging, monetizable video inventory on their sites. It is built around video content, delivering a full-scale broadcasting solution.


This is where Netpoint Media monitors the boosted CPMs, creates content playlists, and ensures optimal yield.


AdHero, the constantly evolving holistic yield management solution, is directly integrated within the system and ensures top-notch monetization performance for Monetize across any available demand source.




ShowHeroes is a co-publisher with an extensive library of 150.000 premium, in-house produced content videos. Publishers can include these videos on their websites, hence creating incremental video inventory in outstream ad slots.

SemanticHero, the best-in-class semantic engine, curates playlists automatically based on web page content.


In 2020, we kicked off run on network (RON) cooperation in an ad-only placement. When Netpoint Media switched from this ad-only unit to our unique ShowHeroes Stream Unit with a sticky player option, yield was boosted – big time. In Q3 of 2022, revenues were around 1,500% higher compared to the same quarter in 2021 thanks to enhanced integration.




The ShowHeroes omnichannel video player is a solution we developed in-house and comes complete with fully customizable design and UI. Its broad range of features includes a sticky option. When that was enabled on sites in the Netpoint Media network, the player stayed visible for much longer. This has pushed viewability up to 73% in Q3 of 2022.


The video-in-picture option is an excellent choice for keeping users engaged and increasing dwell time. It allows them to watch videos on a player that always appears on top of other windows.





“I still remember setting up our first integration with ShowHeroes in 2016. From these baby steps, our cooperation has come a long way. It has developed into a strong partnership with a user-first mindset.


The vast offering of ready-to-publish editorial video clips by ShowHeroes has enabled us to provide significant added value to our visitors. We can perfectly measure this with the industry’s golden KPIs: Dwell time and engagement.


The cookieless technology offers a future-proof solution with full respect to our user’s privacy. Through multiple iterations Showheroes has proven that yield and content optimizations go hand in hand. Constant communication and transparent feedback made these uplifts possible. We are looking forward to what comes next.”


Jens Miranda Cordero

Senior Ad Technology Manager

Netpoint Media GmbH



“We value our long-lasting partnership with Netpoint Media. They are a special player in our portfolio because of their broad variety of topic-specific sites. This has created an abundance of interesting video content production and monetization cases for us. 


Our cooperation has continuously developed into a strong partnership characterized by a strive for innovation and the shared vision of offering the best user experiences on the web. We are especially proud to have established a close relationship with the top performers of the Netpoint Media portfolio as it allows us to work side by side on improving the video integration on their sites.”


Peer Stenner

Business Development Supply & Partnerships DACH




  • Create a new placement and implement the Stream Unit with premium editorial video content from ShowHeroes Studios
  • Enable the Video-in-Picture option on the video player for optimal viewability and increased View Through Rates (VTR)
  • Track the performance boost on the Monetize platform or receive an automated data push to your systems via API
About Netpoint Media

With over 20 years of experience, Netpoint Media is an established player in the field of marketing and yield management with a total reach of 22 million UU. As a 360° marketer, Netpoint Media serves all formats of digital marketing: display, video and mobile.


The publisher portfolio of Netpoint Media is characterized by a selective target group approach, attractive reach measured in terms of page impressions, visits & unique users and high-quality editorial content. The verticals among Netpoint Media’s broad portfolio with a large number of well-known brands guarantee high reach in precisely fitting target groups.

About ShowHeroes

ShowHeroes is a global leader in digital video content, tech, and advertising solutions. Relevance is at the heart of their business model. It fuels the unique content and yield offering for publishers as well as the quality creative production and delivery of campaigns for advertisers, and finally, as a result, the best on-page experience for users.


Publishers benefit from immediate access to an extensive library of video content to add to their pages as well as video production capabilities through ShowHeroes Studios, hence creating incremental video inventory to monetize on. ShowHeroes acts as a co-publisher and improves on-page experiences as well as engagement KPIs on their sites.