Showheroes Publisher Success Story: Discover Allsvenskan 2023


Before the premiere of Allsvenskan 2023 (the top flight of Swedish football), ShowHeroes Studios teamed up with the Swedish sports publisher to produce a series of videos about Allsvenskan and the profiles of the league.


The ambition was to create visually appealing and concise video content for SvenskaFans in an entertaining and captivating manner. We focused on various video formats that met these criteria.


Our strategy not only involved producing shorter videos for SvenskaFans but also providing access to the material for other publishers in ShowHeroes’ network – for example, the many local daily newspapers that have teams in their city playing in Allsvenskan.

Examples of Videos

The VAR Debate: Allsvenskan Players Share Their Views


The potential introduction of VAR systems in Allsvenskan has sparked a heated debate within Swedish football. Creating a format that revolves around this highly topical issue generates significant engagement, especially when diverse perspectives are shared.


Getting Personal: Quick Questions with Football Players and Managers to Unveil Their Off-Field Side


In these captivating evergreen videos, we delve beyond the professional lives of football players and managers. By adopting an ideal format, we ask them quick questions that transcend their typical profession-related topics. This unique approach allows us to gain valuable insights into their personalities, interests, and experiences outside the realm of football. By exploring a range of topics unrelated to their profession, we provide a fresh perspective, uncovering fascinating aspects of their lives that often remain hidden.


Allsvenskan 2023 Winner Predictions: Who Will Claim the Title?


When it comes to upcoming events and gatherings, it’s crucial to create captivating formats that center around the excitement. In line with this, we devised a video survey that guarantees a quick and humorous clip that remains relevant throughout the entire football season. This engaging content serves as a perfect addition to all articles covering Allsvenskan, adding a touch of entertainment and intrigue.

About the Production


This sports initiative was captured during a kick-off meeting held in Stockholm, with the presence of Sweden’s major media houses. Each team was allotted a total of eight minutes for interviews. To ensure comprehensive coverage, we deployed two camera operators and two reporters, completing a remarkable 32 interviews in just 2.5 hours.


Post-production work had to be expedited to release the material before the start of the series. Within a tight timeframe of 10 days, approximately one-third of the footage was meticulously edited and published.


The videos were captured using the Panasonic Lumix GH5 Mark II and Lumix GH5 cameras, as well as Røde and Sennheiser AVX B30 + BA30 microphones. The video layouts were produced by our motion graphics designer, Fredrik Berg.



“We are confident that this initiative will serve as a powerful catalyst, inspiring our network of publishers to push boundaries and embark on new creative endeavors. We hope that they will be motivated to create innovative and captivating content, drawing inspiration from our successful collaboration. Together, we can redefine the landscape of digital media and deliver exceptional experiences to our audiences.”

Quote by Aldijana Talicm, Editor-in-chief at


The response from SvenskaFans was overwhelmingly positive, with their team expressing their satisfaction and appreciation for the unique approach the video brought to sports content. It successfully stood out by delivering a refreshing perspective. Our main objective was to provide our publishers with valuable insights into the creation of enjoyable and captivating reporting, benefitting their platforms.



Douglas Lundkvist Sports reporter, ShowHeroes Studios Sweden

Mersiha Ajdinovic News Manager, ShowHeroes Studios Sweden

Fredrik Berg Motion graphics designer, ShowHeroes Studios



Aldijana Talic Product Manager/Editor-in-chief, SvenskaFans

Mattias Eckerman Sports reporter, Svenska Fans

Elias Johanson Sports reporter, Svenska Fans