ShowHeroes Publisher Success Story: Petit Futé is expanding inventory

Petit Futé is an internationally renowned travel publisher, known for being the creator of the City Guide concept, with over 700 city guides and millions of addresses across shopping, leisure, and tourism.


In November 2020, the publisher partnered with ShowHeroes looking to create and expand its premium instream inventory on travel themes, and to boost its monetization efforts.



ShowHeroes premium video content is provided courtesy of ShowHeroes Studios, whose team of over 20 video experts deliver over a thousand new premium videos every month, adding to their library over 150,000 clips.



By increasing their instream inventory 14 times over in the first half of 2023, internationally expanding it to the UK, Germany, and Spain, and leveraging very high VTR and visibility rates, Petit Futé achieved a spectacular 5x increase in instream revenues since 2021.


Have a look at an example of an informative video Petit Futé show their users:

“Our collaboration with Showheroes has made a significant contribution to the development of our video inventory and to improving the visibility of advertising on the instream format. Their technological solutions and personalized support have enabled us to accelerate our monetization strategy” says Louis Géneau de Lamarlière, Directeur Web at Petit Futé.  “A dialogue on content creation has started, opening exciting new perspectives for the future. This has also been made possible thanks to the quality of the conversations with the ShowHeroes team and their proactive approach.”

“We are happy to work with Petit Futé and strengthen our foothold in the French market, specifically in the travel segment,” says Laurène Deecke, Head of Supply & Partnerships at ShowHeroes France.  “The video pieces are served through our lightweight video player directly embedded on related articles to enrich the written content. “Thanks to our video content combined with sophisticated ad tech we are able to increase the time spent on site significantly – by an average of +31% throughout our publisher network – and guarantee competitive KPIs for maximized yield.”

Our eyes are on the future! 2024 goals for the ShowHeroes and Petit Futé partnership include new content production projects, testing new innovative formats to increase dwell time and revenues, and elaborating further on Petit Futé’s video strategy needs.