Video formats for publishers to build content at scale

SiteLoop and ClipChoice increase dwell time and incentivize exploration

Videos do brilliant jobs of keeping users engaged on your site.


Our new content units, SiteLoop and ClipChoice, supercharge that engagement – and in the case of SiteLoop, even unlock the power of video without the need for video inventory.


Here are SiteLoop and ClipChoice 👇



These eye-catching slideshows are to site users what tour guides are to travellers.


SiteLoop showcases article previews in an aesthetically pleasing, dynamic way and encourages the next read, and the one after that, and the one after that…

SiteLoop comes with or without ad breaks depending on what’s best for your site and its users.


The animation unlocks the attention-grabbing power of video without using video inventory, instead transforming already existing assets on your site!


Benefits for publishers:

  • Increased video inventory
  • Automated content recommendations
  • Increased engagement and monetization



ClipChoice seamlessly integrates multiple video clips into a single player for maximum user choice and increased engagement.

Any interaction with the player enables audio, and the amount of videos available with a click incentivises dwell time.


ClipChoice multiplies monetization opportunities with ads playing for either each click or video!


Benefits for publishers:

  • Increased dwell time
  • Increased C2P inventory
  • Incentivized engagement


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