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Introducing the CTV Innovation Team!

ShowHeroes CTV Innovation team

CTV is an essential part of a successful advertising strategy. With an average attention rate of 82%, beating out social video and linear TV, CTV screens take the gold for capturing and holding user attention.


Unfortunately, getting started with CTV advertising can feel like a mountain to climb – which is why the newly formed ShowHeroes CTV Innovation Team has formed!


From in-house advertisement creation to a constantly-evolving arsenal of CTV advertising solutions, the CTV Innovation Team is a one-stop-shop for CTV advertising.



Our in-house creative team is at your disposal to create advertising assets that captivate audiences and brilliantly communicate your brand messages.


Check out ShowHeroes Studios, who’ll assist your CTV content with 150,000+ premium video clips across 7 languages!

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The CTV Innovation Team connects you to our premium publisher network, distributing your ads across multiple suppliers and delivering campaigns at scale.



Through collaboration with top measurement companies such as Nielsen and TVSquared, the CTV Innovation team measures important metrics such as incremental reach and interaction, and brand uplift.



Animations, voice command, GoodHero ads, and much more – the CTV Innovation Team’s laboratory never closes, frequently providing you with new solutions to take CTV advertising higher.

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