Our technologies are the true
Heroes of the Show.

We enable both advertisers and publishers to reach optimum results with our data-driven digital video and advertising solutions. Thanks to our semantic targeting technology, ShowHeroes SemanticHero, we take a leading role in the era of cookieless targeting.

Cutting-Edge Advertising

Publishers connect to the ShowHeroes network by integrating the ShowHeroes Video Player. To enable the delivery of contextually matching video clips and ads, ShowHeroes SemanticHero crawls any new page within the network, feeding its ever growing database with information on available content and related video from the ShowHeroes Video Library. When a user visits one of the websites in the ShowHeroes network, the Video Player sends a request to ShowHeroes AdHero, which delivers matching video content and ads in realtime. In-depth reportings can be accessed by publishers through ShowHeroes Monetize.

ShowHeroes SemanticHero

ShowHeroes SemanticHero is our semantic targeting technology. It ensures brand safety and suitability for our advertising clients while publisher partners across the ShowHeroes premium network benefit from higher time on site and view through rates (VTRs). It does not need to rely on personal data or cookies and allows for privacy-friendly distribution and targeting of both, content and ads.

Semantic targeting leads the way to the future of online advertising placement: What used to be a promising technology, crippled by a massive lack of knowledge, computing power and bandwidth a decade ago, is making a big comeback in the 2020s, powered by modern natural language processing on the basis of data science and artificial intelligence (AI). Leveraging these improvements results in excellence at understanding semantics while providing realtime data processing capabilities.

Combined with programmatic buying, semantic targeting unleashes its full potential: Automated real-time buying of individual ad impressions ensures efficiency in targeting audiences and enables marketers to perfectly match their ads to web pages, articles, and even video content.

Thanks to the knowledge extracted from analyzing images, audio and video on the publisher’s websites our AI-driven semantic matching technology – the SemanticHero – is able to select the best-fitting content video from the platform’s video library whenever a request is issued through a ShowHeroes content unit. Not only is the choice of the content video based on semantic matching, also a corresponding ad will be picked by our adserver.

Contextually relevant videos generate up to 100% more engagement in terms of view through rates than manually placed clips. At the same time, semantic targeting comes with privacy protection and brand safety already built in, as it requires zero user tracking.

How to Harvest the Semantic Data?

SemanticHero scans websites in the ShowHeroes network by request and categorizes content and meta data according to IAB categories, keywords and further indicators to the page’s context.

With these machine learning approaches, SemanticHero leverages the power of statistical language analysis to provide human-like understanding of page content resulting in the highest level of automatically determined brand safety in the digital advertising ecosystem.

How to Implement Semantic Targeting for the Cookieless Future

SemanticHero’s website index stores an abundance of more than 40 million websites in 12 languages, collected from our extensive publisher network. Based on the analysis of the web page content, semantic concepts are generated. The sheer volume of extracted concepts allows for the computational approximation of their probability of occurrence per website.

This allows for selecting matching content and predicting the users’ interests when browsing a page. All of this does not involve any dropping, reading, matching or syncing of cookies. Content recommendation and ad targeting can be solely based on page content and external knowledge.

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ShowHeroes AdHero

The ShowHeroes AdHero is at the core of our holistic yield management solution. It identifies and delivers matching ads from an abundance of demand sources. We are embracing the shift to server-side integrations for both, Prebid Server and Open RTB technology.

During content and ad serving and even before rendering a matching content video through the ShowHeroes Video Player,
 ShowHeroes AdHero selects the optimal match of a video ad to show.

In fractions of a second, the tool selects the most valuable ad at the best price during a complex bidding process. For this purpose, all available demand sources are queried either in a waterfall model or simultaneously, depending on the configuration. ShowHeroes’ sophisticated yield optimization technology ensures that publishers achieve the best fill rates and the highest revenues possible.

Ad opportunity

Already during pageload the ad opportunity is detected.

Bid request

The bid request is placed at all available demand sources.

value-based auction

The ad is picked during a sophisticated bidding process.

Ad delivery

As a result, the ad is served through the Video Player.

ShowHeroes Monetize

ShowHeroes Monetize is a video licensing, advertising and yield optimization platform for any digital publisher looking to generate ad revenues within editorial environments: It bundles a set of effective features to easily add video content to any website, creating highly engaging, monetizable video inventory. The platform is available with white-glove management or as a self-service solution.

In-Depth Reporting on ShowHeroes Monetize

  • Transparent dashboard
  • Revenue reporting
  • Video statistics and analytics
  • Real-time insights
  • API support

Through ShowHeroes Monetize, publishers are simultaneously connected with the industry’s leading demand partners for both, direct sales and programmatic sales. Thanks to an abundance of direct relationships with top brands, media agencies and programmatic platforms optimum inventory monetization is attained. We support header bidding.

Learn More About Programmatic Advertising

ShowHeroes Video Library

The Video Library integrated within our supply side platforms is the central hub for video asset management. Being a large global marketplace for multiscreen video it includes more than 150.000 unique video content clips within a flexible licensing model.

The in-house produced videos cover topics across all IAB categories in multi-language versions. Additionally, publishers are offered direct uploading options via the video content API for their proprietary assets with unlimited cloud storage.

Thanks to the sophisticated categorizing and tagging system of the library publishers can easily create playlists with content videos to be shown on their sites. Based on the ShowHeroes Semantic Matching Technology the creation of dynamic playlists is also possible. The reporting section assures transparency and real time insights on running campaigns.

ShowHeroes Video Player

As a key tool for publisher’s demand monetization our proprietary video player assures full cross-screen and cross-platform compatibility. It supports standard ad verification functionality like viewability tracking as well as third-party extensions for major measurement and fraud detection vendors. Vendors directly integrated into ShowHeroes Monetize (e.g. MOAT) can be easily activated with just one click.

Publishers integrate the cutting edge Video Player via the SH JS tag on their site. To generate incremental instream inventory, our player in default configuration first loads a content video. After a few seconds, a video ad follows. This delayed preroll ad break reaches users who are perfectly pre-qualified based on their engagement with relevant editorial video content.

The ad is then delivered using the VAST or VPAID standard. Once the ad ends, the video content continues to play. Alternatively, the player also supports traditional outstream ad-only functionality. The appearance of the responsive player is highly customizable in terms of design, player controls and functionality.

Key Features of the Video Player For Advertisers

Ad delivery using industry standards

  • VAST2/3/4
  • VPAID2
  • Including OMID support (VAST4 only)

Support for SH custom creatives

  • Branded Players
  • CTA Endcards
  • Brand Lift Studies
  • etc.

Matched content with suitable ad creative formats

  • 1:1
  • 16:9
  • 9:16

Key Features of the Video Player For Publishers

  • AMP + InAPP (via webview) integrations supported
  • Extended demand itegration via HB
  • Yield optimization and multiple monetization channels for incremental revenues
  • Content playback and fixed ad slot
  • Fully responsive
  • Sticky option
  • Whitelabel ready

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