ShowHeroes Brand Success Story: BlueMovement increase impact in the Dutch market

BlueMovement is a home appliance refurbishment and leasing brand that’s on a mission to make the home appliances industry more sustainable and accessible. Their 97/100% rule breathes fresh air into the industry: 97% of BlueMovement’s units, from washing machines to fridges, are refurbished, and 100% of what can’t be refurbished is recycled.


The company teamed up with ShowHeroes and Merkle to deliver and analyze a contextual advertising campaign that surpassed ambitious goals.




the campaign

The BlueMovement campaign consisted of both site-list and contextual targeting approaches and utilized the ShowHeroes Branded Player.


Our Branded Player Ads are multiscreen and responsive, made for each individual client by our ShowHeroes Studios team.


Check out one of the ads made for BlueMovement below!


smashing through objectives

The goals were to achieve a 65% VTR benchmark, a 0.2-0.8% CTR benchmark, and 60% viewability.


BlueMovement achieved:

A fantastic 0.54% CTR greatly surpassed BlueMovement’s goal, bringing in an impressive amount of clicks on their 2.5 million impressions.


Further analysis was done by customer experience company Merkle in collaboration with ShowHeroes, who performed a brand lift study.


The study took a sample of nearly 500 individuals and found that:


  • Brand awareness was lifted from 14.5% to 26.2%
  • Purchase intention rose from 9.7% before viewing the ads, to 21.2% subsequent to exposure



“We are very pleased with the overall results of the branding campaign for BlueMovement, as together with ShowHeroes we managed to deliver the best video creatives and apply contextual targeting in a brand safe environment,” says Roos van Ginkel, Display & Social Consultant at Merkle. “Throughout the campaign, we optimized between creatives, viewability, videos watched, and to the best performing contextual segments. We were able to achieve the biggest uplift in performance and brand awareness within the contextual strategy, increasing the incremental reach for BlueMovement. as well as our impact within the Dutch market.”

“For us, semantic targeting is key when it comes to improving the KPIs of our clients’ campaigns,” says Davey Borhem, Senior Sales Manager at ShowHeroes. “We always strive to deliver the best results for our clients in a relevant environment. Our network of premium publishers, with the strength of our video player, makes that possible and ensures that the client’s ad is displayed where the consumer’s attention is greatest.”