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Leverage our powerful combination of instream video and engaging ad formats combined with semantic targeting and highly customizeable solutions at scale.



Take advantage of over +150k editorial video clips with contextual targeting and sustainable monetization solutions on all screens.


Nabil Moghib

Lead Brand Marketing/Video

The cooperation with ShowHeroes is characterized by mutual trust, a high degree of flexibility and a very good technical setup.


The exchange with our contacts is always transparent and at eye level. Working in that kind of partnership is highly productive.


From SPIEGEL Media’s point of view, this very fact, coupled with the corresponding marketing revenues make for a good long-term partnership.


In short: the cooperation with ShowHeroes is a success story.

Jana Kordt

Group Head Performance

ShowHeroes performs top-notch in terms of target group matching and conversion rates, and consistently delivers above-average values.

For campaigns, we rely on the perfectly customized ShowHeroes’ Matched Content to pre-qualify users.

ShowHeroes has a regular place in our marketer portfolio due to the very good KPIs and the always fast, very uncomplicated cooperation.

Philip Schadewald

Head of Programmatic Advertising

ShowHeroes is a pillar of our programmatic purchasing since 2019: Throughout all campaigns, good KPIs were achieved and increased through the very close exchange within the partnership. Thus ShowHeroes is one of the absolute top performers in terms of viewability. We enjoy working with ShowHeroes. They can handle many video campaigns at the same time on a high-performance level, the reaction time of our contact persons is high and the troubleshooting is done proactively and at eye level. After such a promising start in 2019, we are very much looking forward to working together in 2020.

Arnau Eritrean Manye

Digital Trading Specialist

I ran a quick report and I must say I have to congratulate you as a publisher: managing less than 1% for invalid traffic and achieving 0% brand safety risk rate are excellent brand “hygiene” results in terms of digital performance.

Max Hallenberg

Managing Director, Gothenburg

We find it’s very easy to work with ShowHeroes. We appreciate their connections with strong local publishers, their innovative creative solutions, and we get good help with high quality productions when needed.