Introducing: Green Media for CTV
We're thrilled to unveil our Green Media Product (GMP) for ConnectedTV.
Introducing: Engaging Ad Formats
Effective ads cut through the noise to deliver truly engaging and memorable messages – with that in mind, enter ShowHeroes Engaging Ad Formats!
Introducing: Custom Animations for CTV
Our CTV Innovation Team knows that CTV screens have even more potential for user engagement, and with Custom Animations for CTV, we’re proud to show how we’re tapping into it.
Your One-Stop-Shop for CTV Advertising
From in-house advertisement creation to a constantly-evolving arsenal of CTV advertising solutions, the CTV Innovation Team is a one-stop-shop for CTV advertising.
Showheroes Publisher Success Story: Discover Allsvenskan 2023
When collaborating with SvenskaFans, the strategy encompassed more than just creating concise videos exclusively for their platform.
Showheroes Publisher Success Story: Amayzine Are Creating Exclusive Video Content
Lifestyle platform Amayzine and ShowHeroes Group have announced that they are both extending their partnership for another year and expanding into video production.
IAB Tech Lab’s Controversial Definition of Instream Advertising
IAB Tech Lab has re-defined instream advertising and caused a storm of controversy. We've explained the situation.
Leveraging Attention Metrics for Digital Advertising
Impressions don't give the full story of how ads are viewed by users. Attention metrics give insights that are far more valuable.
Understanding IAB Europe’s Definition of Sustainable Advertising
IAB Europe recently set out a clear, exhaustive definition of 'sustainable advertising'. We've broken it down.