Digital ad performance measurement is undergoing a paradigm shift – towards attention metrics, enabling brands and marketers to understand whether ads are actually seen, absorbed and triggering consumer behavior. Ultimately, attention data can also be utilized to improve creative processes and predicting the likelihood of user attention to a specific creative.


Attention metrics are key to evaluating the effectiveness of ad campaigns and improving their ROI. While differing in formula and design, attention measurement tools analyze ad performance data and enrich it by a combination of these data points: environmental and contextual indicators, eye-tracking data and campaign outcomes like conversions or changes in consumer attitude.


Attention measurement enables advertisers to make data-driven decisions to optimize their ad campaigns for better performance and shift their ad spend to the formats and placements with highest impact. By measuring attention, we can also combat things like banner blindness, when ads are in view but not really being looked at. Ultimately, this comforts the user and ensures a reading and viewing environment that is as relevant as it can get.

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It’s not enough that an ad is “viewed”.
Is it actually engaging the viewer?


Attention measurement goes well beyond Viewability and View-Through-Rates. The main objective of attention models is to understand whether an ad is actually capturing the viewer’s attention and the message is being absorbed.


As a last step, these findings can be enriched by data on outcomes as to whether the ad has nudged consumer behavior. ShowHeroes offers reporting all along this process:

Some of the media quality factors that contribute to attention – ad placement, media type, the channel it is viewed on, the creative content of the ad itself, and contextual alignment – can be directly tied to ad performance KPIs and the true value of the campaign investment can be assessed.


  • Gain transparency through a metric which makes formats, channels, and media types comparable
  • Make informed decisions on optimal media spend
  • Achieve better understanding of consumer behavior
  • Improve ad effectiveness
  • Drive better outcomes


In order to provide advertisers with a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence attention ShowHeroes is launching a trifecta offering on measurement tools.




Adelaide Metrics presents its attention measurement tool called Attention Unit (AU) which is a media quality score that evaluates hundreds of environmental and contextual indicators of quality to predict the likelihood of attention to creative. The tool works across all channels, formats, and devices.


The AU score ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating a higher likelihood of attention. It provides a quick and easy way for advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their ad creatives and make data-driven decisions to optimize their campaigns for better performance.


IO only

Lumen Research offers an attention measurement tool called LAMP that uses tag-based impression-level data collection to evaluate the factors that influence attention. LAMP factors in impression-level data on the domain, format, page geometry, time in view, and percentage of viewability.


The Lumen Research attention measurement tool is predictive, trained on extensive amounts of data from eye-tracking studies. It provides a reliable and accurate measurement of attention reported in Attentive Seconds per 1,000 Impressions (APM) following the standard in attention measurement as of the IAB.


IO only

ShowHeroes introduces its proprietary measurement tool Attention Index. It stands out by providing full transparency on all the determining factors (e.g. view time, player-size, ad engagement, user interaction with the player, ad position, etc.) of the calculation model. Beyond that, the ShowHeroes attention metric is designed to acknowledge the strong impact of media type and contextual alignment on the memorability of an ad.


Thanks to the deep integration of the ShowHeroes tech stack into the digital assets of our co-publishing partners, more complex attributes like contextual relevance can be determined on a very granular level and with higher precision than by third parties – for each impression and without extrapolation.


With this tool, ShowHeroes complements its offerings through two strong industry partners and embarks on an exploration journey towards the most accurate metric to assess user attention.


The introduction of attention measurement options is a key step to ensure accountability and transparency for advertising clients of ShowHeroes. Not only have the metrics proven the effectiveness of our engaging ad formats to reach real eyeballs and spark user behavior.


Making campaign-related decisions on ad serving and optimization also helps to reduce carbon emissions thanks to increased efficiency. We believe that attention-based metrics have strong climate-related advantages that can hasten the digital ad industry’s transition from impression-based or certain viewability measurement methods that are more susceptible to fraud and wastefulness.





Kay Schneider 

SVP Global Product & Business Development


Gain valuable insights on how your ad campaigns are performing based on attention metrics. Optimize accordingly, boost campaign effectiveness and drive better results.