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ShowHeroes Play

ShowHeroes Play is a full featured Online Video Platform (OVP), geared towards the needs of large, professional media brands looking for a corporate solution for video asset and content management. It comes with advanced video content syndication across multiple entities and organizations and industry-leading live streaming functionalities.

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Key Features of our OVP

Thanks to its extensive options for tagging and searching through large databases of video content and its advanced business intelligence tools for monitoring content performance ShowHeroes Play enables editorial teams and video journalists to make strategic decisions and create the best content for their audiences.

  • Import video  via (bulk) upload, Youtube, MRSS, or API
  • Live broadcasting and external live streaming functionality
  • SVOD functionality of the player for pay-per-view revenue streams



  • Extensive options for tagging and searching through large databases of video content
  • Playlist creation for owned, syndicated and live videos
  • Save & search results as live video feed



  • Multiple  business intelligence setups
  • Range, relative, and absolute based searching for dates, views, and other numeric values
  • Monitor content performance enabling editorial teams to make strategic decisions



  • Built around standards  for advertising (IAB, CBA), and content (IPTC, GOV)
  • First party CMS integrations, and bring your own analytics

Tobias Hedberg

Head of Business Development

”The collaboration with ShowHeroes Play gave us access to both more content and editorial support. This resulted in an uplift of our video traffic by 3500%. Thanks to this we also increased our external sales revenue for instream by 10 000% at the same time, while maintaining our local sales revenues for the same product.”

Jonny Rosengren

Founder (Family Nordic)

“We went from having no video at all to implementing ShowHeroes Play in every article with contextually relevant video content. This boosted time spent on our biggest site with 10% virtually overnight, showing that we not only created brand new instream inventory and increased our advertising revenues, but also added editorial value to our articles.”

Marius Floberghagen

Marketing Manager

“Dagsavisen uses ShowHeroes Play to enrich issues and give readers more background information in various areas. We have so far not prioritized building up a comprehensive video investment in-house and then a player like ShowHeroes Play is a very good match. Here, readers get informative and relevant content and Dagsavisen receives income from advertisements.”

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