ShowHeroes AdHero

The ShowHeroes AdHero is at the core of our holistic yield management solution. It identifies and delivers matching ads from an abundance of demand sources. We are embracing the shift to server-side integrations for both, Prebid Server and Open RTB technology.

How it works

During content and ad serving and even before rendering a matching content video through the ShowHeroes Video Player, ShowHeroes AdHero selects the optimal match of a video ad to show.


In fractions of a second, the tool selects the most valuable ad at the best price during a complex bidding process. For this purpose, all available demand sources are queried either in a waterfall model or simultaneously, depending on the configuration. ShowHeroes’ sophisticated yield optimization technology ensures that publishers achieve the best fill rates and the highest revenues possible.



1 Ad opportunity

Already during pageload the ad opportunity is detected.


2 bid request

The bid request is placed at all available demand sources.


3 Multivariat value-based auction

The ad is picked during a sophisticated bidding process.


4 Ad delivery

As a result, the ad is served through the Video Player.