ShowHeroes Video Player

As a key tool for publisher’s demand monetization our proprietary video player assures full cross-screen and cross-platform compatibility. It supports standard ad verification functionality like viewability tracking as well as third-party extensions for major measurement and fraud detection vendors. Vendors directly integrated into ShowHeroes Monetize (e.g. MOAT) can be easily activated with just one click.

Video Player

Publishers integrate the cutting edge Video Player via the SH JS tag on their site. To generate incremental instream inventory, our player in default configuration first loads a content video. After a few seconds, a video ad follows. This delayed preroll ad break reaches users who are perfectly pre-qualified based on their engagement with relevant editorial video content.


The ad is then delivered using the VAST or VPAID standard. Once the ad ends, the video content continues to play. Alternatively, the player also supports traditional outstream ad-only functionality. The appearance of the responsive player is highly customizable in terms of design, player controls and functionality.

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Key Features of the Video Player For Advertisers

  • Ad delivery using industry standards
  • Support for SH custom creatives
  • Matched content with suitable ad creative formats



Key Features of the Video Player For Publishers

  • AMP + InAPP (via webview) integrations supported
  • Extended demand itegration via HB
  • Yield optimization and multiple monetization channels for incremental revenues
  • Content playback and fixed ad slot
  • Fully responsive
  • Sticky option
  • Whitelabel ready