Showheroes Publisher Success Story: Amayzine Are Creating Exclusive Video Content

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Lifestyle platform Amayzine and ShowHeroes Group have announced that they are both extending their partnership for another year and expanding into video production.


A team of 20 digital video producers from ShowHeroes will work with Amayzine to produce editorial video clips across IAB categories to inspire the publisher’s majority-female visitors.


Recognition and entertainment

Amayzine and ShowHeroes have been working together for five years. The publisher has been working with videos from the ShowHeroes video library since the beginning of their partnership, but the need for custom-made videos has been growing. With the latest contract extension, a team will be assembled to produce editorial video content exclusively for Amayzine. The first mini-documentaries and interviews are currently in production.


“The fact that we’ll be expanding our content together with ShowHeroes to include home-made videos feels like a logical step,” says May-Britt Mobach, Founder and Editor-In-Chief at Amayzine. “Recognition and entertainment are important pillars for us, and the fact that we are now translating this into video will further enhance our relationship with our readers.”


The Better Media Framework

“The partnership with May-Britt and her team is special for us in many ways,” says Olivier Barger, Country Manager Benelux at ShowHeroes Group. “Not only have we enjoyed working with each other for many years, they also embody our Better Media framework which, among other things, encourages female leadership. May-Britt and her team demonstrate the importance of a diverse leadership team. Having women at the top ensures that different perspectives, experiences, and skills are brought to the table, leading to more innovative and effective decision-making – and that’s exactly what we’ll soon see reflected in the videos we’re producing for Amayzine.”